Lavender Fields

Meet me in the lavender fields,

When the sun is low,

And the soil cool,

And dusk is falling.

Meet me in secret,

After the pickers have picked,

And the sweat has turned sweet

And the birds have finished their cawing.

When the world is silent,

Find me, and catch me unawares.

I will be lounging in the shade,

Relishing in my youth,

In my virile body,

Strong and confident

And ready.

Meet me in the lavender fields,

And we will speak with our mouths

With what we only said before

With our eyes

And we will explore each other,

As we once only explored


And we will exist,

Without shame or foreboding,

And write a love song

With our bodies

Upon the earth and against the purple

Flowers that we will bathe in

Before returning.

And our youth will be

Our own,

And our secrets

Our own,

And our innocence,

Drops of salt-water

Shimmering on trampled lavender branches--

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Lavander fields:



What a lovely poem, you've painted a beautiful scene here with your words - sounds full of promise dguerrero10.