Wearing Each Other

She gave him her hands,

And he gave her his eyes

And the man asked her “What am I supposed to do with these hands?”

She said, “Feel, as I feel.”

And she said, “Your eyes, what do I do with them?”
And he replied, “See, as I see.”

And each tried, but not their hardest.

Then the man came back later in disgust, and scolded the woman,

“Your hands are so small and delicate;

They do not have the strength to carry what I wish to carry. Take them back.”

She said “Fine, but then you must keep my feet instead.”

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sure, but what about these feet?”

                                                        “Move, as I move.” She said.

So she gave him her feet.

And then she said to the man in anger,

“Your eyes, they are full of tears but refuse to cry.

It’s too much to bear, please return mine.”

So the man did. But then he said,

“If you are to keep your own eyes, then you must keep my mouth too.”

The women frowned, and then snatched away his mouth without question.

And each wore a part of the other for a day.

Until the woman came back and criticized the man,

“Your mouth carries beautiful words—wise words.

But it won’t speak half the time, how can that be?

It’s torture, I cannot bear it. Take it back.”

Then the man said with his face all red,

“Well, your feet move too slow! How am I supposed

to move from place to place at the pace I want to go!”

The women sheepishly responded, “I thought they were fine.”

So after much fret and mutterings

They returned to each other what was their own.

Then the man suddenly let out a long sigh,

And said to the woman,

“I’m sorry, I do not mean to snap, I’m just so busy

That it is hard for me to use your delicate feet

And little hands, to do what I need to do as a man.”

And then the woman rested her head on the man’s shoulder,

And said,

“I’m sorry for complaining as I did,

It’s just difficult to use your quiet mouth and stoic eyes,

To convey all the things

I wish to express.”

Then the man suddenly had an idea.

“What if I gave you not my eyes, nor my mouth…”

And here he stuttered a bit,

“But perhaps something else.”

And then she said with a smile,

“Only if, you take mine too.”

So they gave each other their hearts,

And wore them for days on end,

Until they finally remembered that what they had was not their own

And they better return it.

But when they met again, it was different

As the man was found full of tears.

He said,

“Your heart is so strong and full of dreams

and ambitions, that I never knew you had.

I wish you had given me this first.”

By now the woman was also in tears,

And said,

“Your heart is so gentle,

and kind, and full of passion

That I never knew you had.

I was wrong about you.”

So they gave each other their hearts back,

And promised from that day forward

Never to get mad at each other again

For being a little bit different.






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tallsquirrelgirl's picture

WOW this is fantastic! Really

WOW this is fantastic! Really enjoyed it!

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

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Very thought-provoking.  Very

Very thought-provoking. 

Very nice read.

Well done.

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Enjoyed this read very much. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Celebrations In Cadence

Rhythmic painting - enjoyed ~A~