Stuck in these trenches,

Just one step closer to Hell,

I long for my family,

It's been too long to tell.

I've followed my orders,

Stared Death in the eye,

It was my fault alone that

The young girl had died.

These victims are people,

They live and laugh too,

But orders are orders,

I know what to do.

The villiage was peaceful,

Untouched and pure,

I blew them away,

As an opposing country of war.

The sky above grows dark,

The colors tinting red,

Like the blood that I've spilled,

The blood of the dead.

My conscience is tainted,

My mind is impure,

They will haunt me forever,

The casualtities of war.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There are no heroes of war, only killers and victims. You either kill or be killed. There is nothing glamorous or righteous about it.

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dyingpoetkr's picture

This poem is excellent. It has deep meaning, and it rolls of the toung well. Every line has something very deep and meaningful to say, and the conclusing is GREAT. I loved this poem