One cut.

Two cuts.

Three cuts.


Nobody cares.

Cut a little more.

Five cuts.

Six cuts.

Seven cuts.


My life sucks.

Was it up for debate?

Nine cuts.

Ten cuts.

Eleven cuts.


Everyone says,

I'm going to hell.





If I end it,

Will anybody miss me?





Need a scar?

I've got plenty.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this back in October. Times were dark and dangerous. I'm only now making an account.

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This is deep

 This is deep. I hope that you can find strength in difficult times

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This comment has been deleted.

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~

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I Need Scars

Heard you had enough to give some away

When I'm in pain, someone has to pay

Send COD "cuts on delivery" I'll slice hard

to add to the scabs of yesterday,

a diced and lacerated bard.


Send the spill over pain to my PO Box

the neighbors might see and want dibs

not enough pain in the world, Goldie Locks.

I'm an indelible cut from Adam's ribs.





Get help and a good therapist. Wrist are for diamonds. We checked out lovelace,

she did not call back and join the discussion of poetics, she should check us

out and comment too. ~A~







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I've got help

That first part. The poem. That was a perfect response. Anyways....I've gotten help, even if it is just my friends and girlfriend. I'm only 14 and she is only 16. LovingLovelace was most likely at school and probably didn't have time to check this. Nonetheless, I have help. I have reason to no longer cut. I relapsed on November 30th, only because my grandfather died.

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~

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Be Okay

I need you to be okay. I self emolate, blame myself for other's misconceptions and the grief of living, my errors and outbursts, but usually I rally and it sounds like you do that too. Empathically yours, Stella