For The Sake Of Love

Secret Garden

Do u remember when u used to tell me that through my eyes you observe

And that they are the oceans on which the green islands float

That the sun gets its golden rays reflected from my hair

And that there wouldn't be a world or life if I wasn't there…

That u would shoot down the moon and stop the time with every touch

And that if any harm would approach, u would give your all not to see me cry…

And so many beautiful things u said and chanted and portrayed…

Until the day that my eyes sank with tears

And I didn’t accept to hear what my heart never deemed

A loyal in my eyes you were… A leader in the eyes of all

But when your grand willpower came down to frail

I started recognizing that the person who drew me with his words

Started fading into non existence

And the kind heart that soothed my hard life with benevolence

Became stiffened to stone…

And you started demolishing over the mount of passion

A determination grew stronger in me to save what is left for the sake of love

I saw u still hanging on with that regretful look and bleeding eyes

Until I recognized that there is no way to save u from the pain

But by surrendering to the sword of fate

By killing myself, and granting u the eternal life…

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