Angel's Kiss

The Angel came to me one night,

when I was very sad

She said she had come to thank me

for helping her when no one else had.

She saw a tear fall from my eye

and looked at me in dismay.

And just as soon as she had come

she quickly flew away.

I really didn't understand

I thought she didn't care.

Bit it wasn't long after she left

that I heard someone was there.

She understood the pain I felt

for she had felt it too.

And she did the only thing

that she could think to do.

I saw a figure there in the dark

and before he stepped into the light.

I knew that my Angel had sent him here

she was trying to set things right.

She had sent me an Angel to stop my tears

from the Beautiful Heavens above.

She tried to help me the way she knew how

by replacing the sorrow with love.

And I truly did love him, that I knew

as I felt my heart drown in his eyes.

And he lifted me up into his arms

and we soared into the skies.

I finally knew for the first time in my life

that I would never again be alone.

And then I had a strange feeling, and I saw

that I had grown wings of my own.

We flew together on the current of love

and finally felt whole.

And then he surprised me, yet again

and kissed me and touched my soul.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

By Jada Andrews
The moral of this story is

And forever more is this:

Nothing can heal a broken heart

Like the power of an Angel's Kiss.

By Jada Andrews

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romantic way written..perfect.. hearttouching one