my favorite toy

im breaking your bones
they're making so much noise
blood is gushing from the holes
i love playing with my toys
crunch! squirt~ scream*
such a beautiful symphony
i could kill you if i wanted
but i think ill let you be
i think ill let you see
what its like to want to die
how you made me feel inside
i know that it was you
no sense in hiding it
this is what you put me through
but is ok
its my turn to play
ill be gentle i swear
and ill remember to share
so dont feel bad
theres plenty of you left
and ill make sure to take pleasure in your death :)

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I Spit On Your Grave

Read your bit about wanting to create speacial effects as an artist - this does it in words, s'a fact! There are a number of people whose graves I periodically dance on and grin. Then God shakes his head and I don't do it quite so often. Loved this writing - concise, vibrant, and dark ~~A~~