over charted territory

i waited
i watched the clock
i did my work
but my heart never stopped
i needed you
i bleeded you
my heart beated for you
but i was nothing
just a girl with that needy look in her eyes
sad, pathetic, over excited eyes
but you strung me along and i ate the bait
deep inside i knew this could never be
but it was so beautifully believable then
its so tragically twisted now
i chose to be ignorant
ignorant and blind
and thats how it will be for all of my life
falling in love to be stepped on, to cry
to feel my heart hurt and sting, breaking inside
but alas i will heal overtime
and the cycle begins again
as i wait and watch
carefullly planning my next expedition into over charted territory.

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Interesting terrain that over charted territory - nice one, profound and open - prosaic ~A~