proud to be an american :(

come on in!
take a load off!
lets cut to the chase
lets hack your limbs off!
its bound to happen
when you join with us
but we'll leave that out
till we gain your trust
you likegames?
we love to play!
see our shiney guns?
we use them everyday!
we murder men, women, and children
we just blow them away!
we'll pay for your education,
like you'll need it
we'll get the money back
when you bleed it
so join the war!
come be free!
you'll have so much power
till your blown to smithereens!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i understand that we cannot control the need to fight for our freedom, and i respect what has been gone through for my luxeries, but must they advertise it as such a glorious profession?

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You have so many readers and no one comments. I just read Lord of the Flies - this poem makes me think of war and death and the point behind war and death - motives are Freudian usually - so many hundreds like your work but do not comment - interesting - you make us feel and want to remain mute. You're, we're blown to smithereens! Intriguiing writing ~Lady A~