the structures i build are so easily broken

i placed you too high on your pedistal

my expectations were not rewarded

you wore silks and the others wore trash

i heard your name over thier voices

your face was burned behind my eyelids

i believed my own lies

i made you what your not but what i wanted you to be

it will be hard for me to see

but perhaps it wil shak reality free

love is deception and lies of pefection

a virus inflicted on all

its instinct and emotion in a dangerous potion

developing before we can crawl

your name spidered from my fingertips

at night it was whispered from my lips

delusions dancing inside my mind

they wont stop for some time

i longed to hold your heart in my hands

i tried my hardest the hardest i can

i wish you could see the longing in me

and i wish that you

longed too

so many ruined plans

they hurt

i feel every one of them

setting you up so tall

set me up to fall

and iv'e yet to figure out how to catch myself

despite the many times iv'e had to try


this time

i know its no help to cry

love is deception , lies of perfection

its instinct and emotion in a dangerous potion

ill drowned myself in its never ending


and one day my suffring will lead to my


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wow this is a great piece of

wow this is a great piece of work the way you describe love is so amazingly true you really captured the very essence of love

Just Me

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Thanks :) so much

Thanks :) so much

~Grass is green~ <^>