i sincerely want you to read this

there's so many things i want to say to you

to make you feel the right way about me

but what if there the wrong things

what if my thoughts are too odd?

but whose to say i'm not everything you need?

whose to say the person i am is me?

no one knows

no one knows

and i dont want to wait to figure it out

all these questions keep me up at night

 twisting up my insides

made up senarios playing through my mind

i want to do this the right way

the right way this time

it's hard for me to learn from my expierience

i can do things over and over again

with the same conclusions

who are you?

who am i?

are you you?

and should i be myself?

thoughts spinning through my life

love is hell

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I wish you had not

I wish you had not "sincerely" wished us to read this-certainly a waste of time doing so

demigodess's picture

lol im sorry that i wasted

lol im sorry that i wasted your time, that title is for the person i wrote it about

~Grass is green~ <^>