Inner Violence


A hand with the case of a violent fetish.
A hand tears you apart.
I see all the people just walk around me.
As if I don't even have a heart.
We always walk in the shadows beneath you
We are always here.
Creeping on every emotion you step
We feed on your fear
We feed on your fear.
A heart with a case of a violent fetish
A heart tears you apart
Every time I see you happy people I just want to Break
Into the chains of a new existence
I just want to Break
I just want to Break
A hand in me, it sees
You want to take it all
I don't want to
Let myself break through
You don't see me breaking down
You can't see me breaking down
Here its coming now
You can see it now
A hand in me, it sees
You want to take it all
They see, your scars and your prescriptions
They see your weakness and demise
And in the Shadows of a mirrored reflection
I am there
I am there.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is kind of an underlying problem with myself lately, things build beneath the suface until you unleash your demons. Then everyone sees them.

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