I'm drowning with the weight of the past,

all the choices I made, screaming at me

to take then back.

too late to change what I have done

black heart, broken mind

a demon living inside.

don't need friends, don't need this life,

but I'm too coward to jump,

and this thought keeps pulling me down.

just kill what's good left on me

and let the demon out.

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Metaphorical Demons

I exorcise them on approach. Living with smiles is better than tortured grimaces. Be brave and grow. This stage passes and becomes experience. ~s~




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Yeah, But . . .

My demons wear daisy chains in their hair and dance around mushrooms at midnight. My demons sing nursery rhymes over cribs of sleeping infants, wind dreams of light around the halos of angels. Imps, I call 'em. Why jump, when you can leap and pirouette. :D slc



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