My Utopia

I wake up in my bed

a place where it seems made up my head

A place where I am accepted

and thought was not intercepted

Those who complain and shout are silent

Hesitate and think before breaking violent

and love is returned once more

Without an abrupt end, to come to a slammed door


Where we can all come together

Despite our difference and faulty weather

We can believe

That we don't have to be alone, we can acheive

Without getting attacked, tied down and hit

Forced and not to stand in freedom, but relentlessly sit

Where we can be working as a team

Doesn't this seem like a perfect dream?


Where I sleep, and say it's okay

To those who struggle within the night

To those who hide within the day

But the glass shatters once more

An undesirable light becomes shone

Breaking. Disturbing. Injuring.


My once calm world

My utopia

Is only a shadow

That mourns behind me of society's constant unrest and complain

and leaves my heart shaken and torn, and leaves an unwashable, unforgettable stain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally, this was a class assignment.

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Muin's picture

:) this is nice than a few i

:) this is nice than a few i read from your work...

And a class asignment....


You do well under pressures....

And either way

Its nicely written....