What's an Allah?

Just a thought!

  What's an Allah?
Sorry folks, I've checked back through
my ancestry, as far back as when the big
monkeys stood up-right, slung poo and
started humpin the leg of the opposit sex.
There is no word, "allah".
The closest thing on the books is "ala".
I believe it was used first by French Monkeys
to describe an act of great magic such as
making fire .  One monkey discovered striking
two certain rocks together would make fire.  
He was such  a drama queen ,  he looked to the
sky and yelled,"ala kazam"..fire! They made him
"King". Later, he discovered goat's milk left on a
block of ice became frozen cream. He ate some with
an apple and again being a drama queen, looked
up to the sky and said, voila,"ala- mode!"  
Some wanted it separate. He looked up and said,
"ala carte".
A head Muslim monkey saw him look to the sky
yelling "Ala". He thought this was some prayer to
a "Moon God". He decreed from then on, all
Muslims would pray to the Moon God "Ala".
Muslim spelling being a little different,
Hence, the invention of the Moon God, "Allah".
 by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What's an Allah?             " It's humor"

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Forgive me for intruding, and

Forgive me for intruding, and for stating this one contrary opinion.  I am a Christian, but I do not find this humorous at all.  I have no interest in Islam, but, after all, millions of people are devout to it.  Decades ago, my first high school sweetheart was an Arabic girl, a Christian, but she had relatives who were Muslims.  She pointed out to me that to make any kind of mockery, even in good humor, of someone's faith, or the object of someone's faith, is crude, even when no harm is meant.  I would not want to read a poem entitled "What's a Christ?" with a head Christian monkey, and a note that dismisses all objection saying "It's humor."  Perhaps, by stretching the imagination almost to breaking, the poem can be imagined as locker room humor, or backroom humor.  But on a public, seriously literary site like postpoems, it is offensive.  I am sorry if I cannot hop on the ol' bandwagon of applauding this poem, but, in good conscience, I cannot.  With due respect, I would ask you to please rethink the presence of this poem on postpoems.


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What's Allah:

This is a very informative piece of research and prose. I did not know these facts; the main humour of the pun I think is the miseterpretations that occurr when translating from one language to another. There is only one God, however, numerous religions and sects of religions have all given him different names. I think trouble brews when one religion or sect starts insisting that their way will be the only way. Some interesting facts here.




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Drama Queens

This is funny Bear.

But might be true.

Who knows for sure.

Who is who.


Must we all find bunkers

Or Just You  ?

Kay Es

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In the Midwest.

LoL  / at the devil

Hahaha /  Hahaha  / Hahaha

Hey now  ( Queenie  )