Clean as a Daisy

Just a thought!

"Clean as a Daisy"

Sniffing the barrel of my rifle today,
Raised an eau de toilette and gun powder bouquet.
Unable to find my gun cleaning things, I used
vinegar and oil and some tampons with wings.
Now, I walk through the forest, feeling fresh as a breeze,
Not feeling to hidden, behind all these trees.
I piled some limbs to hide my tush,
But I think they can smell, my fresh scented bush.
At first I was worried, cause I scarred off the ducks,
But for some strange reason, I've lured all the Bucks!

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Clean as a Daisy"             A little poem humor for K.S.

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sweetwater's picture

Hehe, good fun, thought only

Hehe, good fun, thought only bears 'went' in the woods lol, just a mention tampons do not have wings, if they did..ouchy ouch,ouch!


schmuckjones's picture

That was quite humorous

Very nice & Very funny!

bishu's picture

Some nonsense

Poetry or prose
Comes thru mah nose
Blow n off it goes
Icky wicky sticky woes
Often with dainty bows

(please delete if inappropriate)



KindredSpirit's picture

lmao . but holding it back

Thanks a lot Bear for including me

In your escapades.

Just what I need 

The women thinking I had something to do with this.


My ex actually gave me a couple ( unused ) haha

To hang out on the deer trail.