The Rise and Fall of Poetry

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"The Rise and Fall of Poetry"           "Just something different to amuse myself."

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EXcellent postb Mr Deep

Much liked... Have a nice weekend



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The Rise and Fall of poetry:

I think poetry is always with us; but it does have it phases of popularity and unpopularity. Clever you to have built your house from poetry.; or maybe I should say the sale of your poetry.  The  popularity of poetry never seems to depreciate when loving relationships are being found an explanation. Or trying to give that emotion " love" some sensational substance;" as we are realy here and we are in love". Your poem  is a good read and the reader is left thinking when is the next poem to be written, maybe about the relationship that thrived or died in that house; another idea maybe your emotions can be tucked away in cosy little corners; that sometimes come out to play; to generate good feelings/or give vent vent to it all, deepinyourdreams.