Petticoats and Corsets

Just a thought!

Victorian lady, in her finery plumage, layered

soft chiffon petticoats, ruffle neath her dress

Poised in the parlor awaiting prosperous suitor,

Fanciful beauty, in lavish trappings to impress

Impatiently waiting for a gentleman caller,

she emits this pretentious allure

Hoping to avoid a long, lengthy courtship,

she has urges only marriage can cure

A man waltzes in, there's a subtle grin,

He detects an agreeable surge

She replies in kind, on her state of mind

They agree to an acceptable merge

Before the judge struck his gavel, she began to unravel,

her petticoats and corset had lost all their hold...

No marriage to keep, he ran like a sheep

As her layers began to unfold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Petticoats and Corsets"

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a.griffiths57's picture

Petticoats and corsettes'

The humour designed in the poem, is more than a bit naughty and even a little bawdy and invitingly so too. The picture you have included to go with the poem captures a time and place, well known for it's ever widening gulf between the poor and the toffs the well off. Liked your poem very much a humours read and a good write.

bishu's picture

Excellent humour depicted Mr Deep .




KindredSpirit's picture

I like it

Did you have a model ?

In mind

When she started

To unwind

I have to catch- up on everything

Always behind

Which reminds me

Later Bear