Sowing Seeds to Heaven's Gate

Just a thought!

An Angel called to retrieve you when,

The gates were closed and you couldn't get in

It seems you had an unforgiven sin

You were cast aside by a poets pen

The things you wrote about faith and love

Were not designed by the Man above

Your words were filled with regret and hate

These words don't pass through Heaven's Gate

In the Bible, God's words are directly sown
"Forgiveness", is always the key to atone

His message is written, and still stands alone...

"Let those without sin, cast the first stone"

  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sowing Seeds to Heaven's Gate"

KindredSpirit's picture

Great write as usual

But there are two sides to

Every story

Even Jesus and God get

Mad at times

Jesus tore up the temple from

Moneychangers and such.

Nobody's perfect

Carcass's picture


I see this more and more, people think they are better than others because they are Christian and condemn those who don't believe in their ideals.  Great write!

PudinsHeart1's picture


I love it, very beautiful.