The Process of Writing

Just a thought!

The process of writing..First, figure out your basic thoughts,

The beginning, the middle and the end...write it down normally, like this...

We met
we loved
we screwed
then he screwed me
then I screwed him
then we screwed each other
then he screwed someone else
then I screwed someone else
then he left
now I'm left
now I have no one to screw
what will I do?.......
Now find a good way to make that sound good and rewrite it into a poem.....Taa Daaaa!  
Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Process of Writing"                 Don't get your panties in a's humor!Tongue Out

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The process of writing:

Alright until the infedelity set in - sounds so traitorous, callous and timid all in one go - maybe I'll skip it, it sounds so like I am interrupting something or someone. Go on have a go.

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I think you have it down write

With all that screwing

Going on

Someone's gonna get bunched up

Or like they told me

Watch out

She can jam you up

And i thought that was my job