Reaching for the Moon

Just a thought!

I've watched afar, from far out stars, yet never seen the Moon

I've come so close, to having the most, but it's always been too soon.

My dreams have reached me too the sky, where Fairy Tales live,

It always seems, they are wasted dreams, with nothing more to give.

Reaching out in Rose colored light, my hopes bring something more...

My hopes and dreams of better things, will someday pass my door.

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"Reaching for the Moon"

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Reaching for the Moon:



Nice poem a very well rhymed stanza. I am sure luck will change for you soon and life improve. Beautiful little verse, contains so much to look forward to. I am not so sure that dreams or flights of the imagination truly die, be carefull what we wish for,  because we might just have to live it out or others that are caught up in our dreams/imagination might have to live these thoughts out - deepinyourdreams. Good thoughts and positive thinking.