Assisted Living

Just a thought!

A Clearing House of Bone Shakers and Body Scrapers

Taking turns to float the halls...

A palace full of wheel walkers and senceless talkers,

Killing time and crawl the walls.

Some deal poker cards at an empty table,

For a game that never ends...

While others sit and play a few hands,

With imaginary friends.

There's always a special checker game,

With old timers in a groove...

Strangely enough, day after day...

The checkers never move.

Their minds get stuck on memories,

Of a pleasant time they see...

I guess when life comes down to waiting,

                                 There's no better place to be'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Assisted Living"

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Assisted Living:



Love your poem; the content just made me smile. A person hears so much to deter them away from Assisted Living communities. it is so nice to note your appreciative opinion. We work and pay taxes it is good to know that we do right also by caring for the elderly, sick and disabled and young in our societies. Live long and well, keep us smiling at your poetic thoughts, deepinyourdreams.

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I see you're writing about your friends again .