Tinkerbell Blues

Just a thought!

Heart wrenching hues of Tinkerbell Blues,

The vein changing dye of distension...

Thoughts in our brain, drive us insane,

Restricted blood flow, squeezing up tension.

Our eyes turning red as the lines on our head,

Surface, like a spider vein road map...

Beginning to feel, like an out of round wheel,

We over medicate, taking turns in a death trap.

The only solice we keep is in sparce, fractured sleep,

Then awakened with a nightmare or cough...

With some soundness of mind, we'll write a new line...

Then it's......"See ya when the medication wear off!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Tinkerbell Blues"

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KindredSpirit's picture

It's always good

It sounds like it's

 Telling your story.

 I wish you all the Best

 There is always that next line.