Jack and Jill Easter

Just a thought!

I slid down a hill upon my sash

and spilled my box and broke my ash

In a puddle layed my old friend Jack

His pail was dry so we headed back

We climbed back up this grassy hill

Where's the rope and pail? said Jill

I substituted a hose and cable

We can pump it in the next fable.

Jill was just so tickled by this

She leaned over and gave Jack a kiss

Jack said, wow, I'm feeling funny

Jill said, Jack, it's just my tongue, hunny

Jack said, Jill, what you doing down there

Jill said Jack, I was lookin for the Hare

Jack looked up and said, "it sure is sunny"

Jill said, I think I found the Easter Bunny

Jack said Jill, do you think he's from the South?

Jill said, "I think he might have Rabies, he's foamin at the mouth"

Jack said,  That's the rich creamy goodness with the center filled over...

Jill said, I never had this kind before, but, "Thank you Russell Stover"




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Jack and Jill Easter

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