The Big Picture

Just a thought!

The big picture shrouds your pitfalls and woes

You speak wanting anyone to hear

Some one cares

Words echo into oblivion

You're only here a minute in time

You contend with the Earth

She's been here 4.5 billion years

She's heard it all, it matters not

Here to procreate and be processed

In the end you're worm food

feeding the earth so she may live.

Get over yourself!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too real for ya?...lolTongue Out         ....."This message brought to you by Mother Earth".....

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Respected Sir DIYD ..... So so true !!!!

Don't take life too serious. Life is Hotrodding..The rest is just Details! This was copied & pasted from your profile information....... ~Wellwisher B~