My soul yearns for more than I could lure

and infinitely more than you would offer

but my ironclad words were lawful


I'm proud of your smile assured


lights off

stays on


I welcome the glow 

even from houses on the furthest shore

even when fleeting waters the eye

and weeping tides sag the baggage low 


because the bottom of mine

doesn't reflect the top of yours 

your loving cells still greatly grow 

and legacies can remain intact

and proactive

despite any merciless undertow 

and despite any body blow 

my mind could bestow with a fool's justice 

and a sooty disposition, decades old 


I bathe within my sordid roots




but this is not the way.

of an aged sports car man 

igniting cylinders with a candle in a cored can 

tensioned pistons like a squeezed red

exiting Pedro Pascal's head;



I know

you know

I know

I bear the capacity to damage

for any good love can activate the bones

even in time

but plainly, 


I'd rather abstain 


there's no space left to occupy that corridor

that aged closet was picked clean


and isn't either of ours anymore 


I still welcome the glow 

wins in life can be defiled in so many ways 

the voices around us promulgate anger

fear of the unknown or the ill-intended

well I don't accept them 

not with you. 

you've protected your light

and the greater good needs to bloom

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The second verse gave a feeling of dragging a part of my soul out with the tide, while my body stayed behind. That tearing longing. Very powerful through and through.

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I like the cryptic tone of

I like the cryptic tone of this poem.  And is that last line an allusion to Wallace Stevens' poem, "The Man On The Dump" ?