Be You.

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It's ok to hurt.

For a while.

As long as you need. 


Doesn't mean you're weak.

It means your strength is incomprehensible to the ill-informed

or the just plain stupid

Doesn't mean you're dumb,

or foolish

or absent-minded.

It means you value your heart,

your courage,

and your time


Know this

If your time is spent with loved ones,

(no matter how imperfect they may be)

there is no greener grass on the other side


Along this amazing, beautiful, brainless, empathetic, tragic journey

We all hurt

In every facet of our lives 


and if the world around you burns to ashes

Build a better one with fresh soil

for the deepest roots to thrive

for whom you love


and it's yours

nobody can take that away from you

attempt happiness!

be amazing

be weird

be you 

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It's okay

But dang it it hurts to hurt.

© Sootyash All rights reserved.

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I've been single for 9 years,

I've been single for 9 years, I feel ya 

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I live this, and ascend, getting up eight - yes. Good to read you, always. - slc



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Thank you :) 

Thank you :) 

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On your 200th post! 


A milestone





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Thanks :) it's nothing

Thanks :) it's nothing compared to you heavy-hitters but it's an accomplishment to me :) take care