I Suck At Hello


I'm not sure if there's a more trivial

but equally as annoying


as the feeling

when you come off as condescending from any distance


...I mean it's one thing to spew garbage directly at somebody's face

but to exude a certain air

a certain French Looney Tune would admire

and to feel the wafting nasal tides bear down on you

just stinks.


I suck a lot of the time.

I suck at saying sorry

I suck at reading signals

I suck at saying goodbye

I suck real hard at even saying hello...


I mean I'm proud of myself

...I never questioned my ego, despite the lament

I'm confident in my strength

in my intentions

in my mind

but you

avid reader

the way I see it

your heart matters more than mine

under historical precedent

because we can absorb the love from others

and transmit like Pirate Radio

anywhere along the seven deadly seas


If I give all energy to others

they can light the world in a direct current

(which I find fulfillment and love upon)


...but why do I suck at hello?

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"energy to others"


I used to forget to save some for myself. I'm better at covetousness now. Finally! :D


2nd read (since there are not more poems forthcoming ever again for the duration of existence!) I suck at those things too. Damn! U got me! :D



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I apologize for not

I apologize for not responding back sooner (or writing, for that matter) I've been in a bit of a funk of late and haven't been able to shake it much. I assure you i'll get it back and I'm sure I'll write again soon enough, tho - thanks as always for reading along (even the kinda not-great stuff like this one, hehe) and take care