Matters of What, Where, and How Else?

I will never apologize for being an open person and an active listener. I've seen far too many instances where secrets, or defense mechanisms, or pretending to be too cool, or actually being too reserved, or whatever other rationale you can conjure for staying silent have led to really tragic outcomes that I cannot (or will never be able to) repair. This openness is not the result of an inferiority complex, nor is it a sign of weakness - it's a vow of loyalty bred from my scars to those who have earned the right to access my life, and who, in turn, put in an effort of their own to maintain that relationship with me.

In other words, it fucking matters how we treat one another.

I'm not saying I'm never wrong...far from it, but I believe being an open person showcases fortitude to expose your heart and mind to criticism, to conflict, to euphoria, and everything encompassing life. I really believe if more people felt this way, we'd be a collectively-wiser people... and probably more unified, too.

I truly hope all of the people I love can find peace within (outer peace would be nice, too) someday, and we can become greater than the sum of our parts as a group. That's what life is all about - the right people at the right time, growing and developing one another to be better, and stronger, and happier.

Otherwise, what is our purpose?
Where is our value?
How else can we generate hope?
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"...better, and stronger, and happier."

Amen. Appreciation is warm - Stella



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appreciated is warm, and also

appreciated is warm, and also reciprocated, thanks :)