this place is nicer


I long for the past because of my ability to walk an able pathway

but I yearn for the future because the recollection of yesterday

vanishes in a truly merciless fashion

where memories fade

but emotions remain

and we don't remember nouns anymore

we just emote them


These many unrelenting stimuli

prove a worthy adversary to my feeble core

which is why I adore moments like this

of overtired, blissful simplicity

my eyelids droop

and warmly coat these ocular gateways when I blink

comparable to the temperature

but not the texture

of freshly-burnt toast

and a thin film of fatigue

blurs my vision, but merely in a minor nuisance kind of way...

but for reasons I cannot articulate

this dopey grin remains pasted on this wearily clean-shaven dome


I want to resolve every one of my shortcomings

and every one of my strained relationships

in the serene headspace

surrounding this umpteenth hour of awakedness

every song is an anthem and a triumph

every idea is a masterpiece


this place is nicer than the pointless tension

caused by the meaningless drivel in the grand scheme of things

constantly torquing my insides

only aided by another addictive pill

for the low, low cost of your spirit!



this place is nicer


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"pointless drivel"

Just re-read this poem and found gems aplenty. To sleep, perchance...each day brings its unique forms of nonsense and irritations - Lay me down and it will be nicer here assuredly - a fan :D



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thank you again as always :)

thank you again as always :)

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Just Emoted Nouns

There is a treasury of fine lines in this poem. I am glad you were here for me to run into this afternoon. A fine read this. - Stella



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I'm glad you stopped by to

I'm glad you stopped by to say hello :) thank you as always, take care