Social Norms are Icky


There's nothing better than knowing somebody so well that it brings you...almost a sense of comfort.


Theres nothing worse than knowing somebody so well but never being able to show it because boundaries or whatever


I wish people were better about this. I wish people could simply outwardly love who they love. 

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Bit awkies when someone is

Bit awkies when someone is already liking someone and someone else starts showing a liking... i like boundaries they create risks and tension. How damn exciting is that? What a boring world if we ever get rid of the boundaries! ;) 

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I understand and respect

I understand and respect personal and emotional boundaries, and I honor the trust between people that are happy in relationships..AND everybody has the right to not feel manipulated or wronged...but boundaries have felt...almost like a villain for such a long time in my life, they've done very little but cause me censorship, and i loathe limiting myself because common public opinion damns unconventional thought.  I guess all I'm trying to say is I wish society condoned unconventional thought more, rather than making people conform for the sake of 'not rocking the boat,' so to speak.  My apologies for the massive delay in a response as well, thank you (both) for chiming in :)

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"boundaries or whatever"

Without barriers, the world would certainly be happier, conversely, those that do not love, that hate or wish harm speak in many ways now and the lovers are silent. If both battled, it would be something within which to partake. To say you love and not be restrained. Yes! - slc 



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well said :) thanks much

well said :) thanks much