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This slab of oxidized copper

a perfect stranger you've known for years

I put behind what cannot be altered

and set my sights on hoards of beleaguered unknowns

searching for an ailment


Assembling at the makeshift triage

...some call it a bar...


I provide what charm and heart I can scrounge together

on a given day

from the tired, leaky vessel

..still, the haggard seals holding strong


They often find fairness in my bravado

so after cordial nothings

we serve each other chivalrously

playing the games fully-equipped

conversation thermometer

room barometer

and a heart monitor on full power -


..maybe they just love the attention, I could always be mistaken..


..but their finely-tuned eyes aren't missing a moment


enticed minds chomping away

like carnival-quality kettle corn on matinee




Even after donning the weather gear

I often leave unsatisfied here

because while I'm fully aware we're all a bit crazy and guarded

so few actively seek the discovery of how the game works..

so few question the craft

so few look for the keys

and ask the honest questions

and really, they're fine with that


Just once

that's all it'll take -

because I'll know when I see the inquisitive warmth of legitimate curiosity in your eyes - 

I want to want you

to challenge me..

dare me

to show you

an affection that may be weathered

but more importantly, remains malleable


and if I find your will to be true

and my eyes are satisfied

I promise

that I will stay 

when others quietly fade


Bear me the beautiful burden of wielding Cupid's arrow,

rather than existing alone

as the tarnished, aimless slab I represent today


and if so be done, so I begin with only you

concurrent anew

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SSmoothie's picture

booyeah! what a great

booyeah! what a great piece!!!! SOME AWSOME LINES GREAT FLOW, GREAT IDEAS! GOOD SHOW! hugss SS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

deepblue's picture

thankie much as always  

thankie much as always


Moonshadow's picture

Wow wow wow wow! set up a

Wow wow wow wow! set up a triage station... call it  a bar... it is cool on so many levels. This poem is very selfconcious and interesting I loved seeing your take on the journey I also share... What strange comfort it is... I never thought it would  be but. it is. Absolutely Great write!

Dont look for me, I'll find you ~Moonshadow

deepblue's picture

That's great! I wrote this a

That's great! I wrote this a couple weeks ago but literally just added that 'some call it a bar' line a couple days ago hahh, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece! Take care

allets's picture

Like Mom In Harry Potter

"Deepblue, where HUV you been!?"  ...inquisitive warmth of legitimate curiosity... is the reason I write and read poetry - in the hopes of running into THIS line. Exquisitly composed - prescious and beautiful ~Lady A~



deepblue's picture

I'm around :) just don't post

I'm around :) just don't post a ton but i like to read other people's work and edit some of my older stuff.  But I've hit a string of writing I'm happy with lately and I wanted to post em up.  Glad you enjoyed this one Allets :) Take care