Unearthing Sunshine

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The lasers of rage and justice
need not be armed on demand
a deep breath is a wise, serendipitous act


Staring into sultry, swooned eyes
convincing a placid moon
to rest the tides
it's OK to indulge the mind
and just stare euphorically at the bizarre sunshine


There's resolve in reflection
with blissful malaise
embracing certain simplistic truths


Despite the repetitive doldrums

and limited experiences on this globe
something beautiful exists in soul mines

something only serenity can find

within a sort of internal, whimsical lobe


An extravagant core
able to be polished
at the epicenter of all the surrounding grime
taking true character, courage, and diligence to discover


especially when unearthing said luster of others  


but the rewards are all the sweeter
and the gains are wholly sublime

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allets's picture

okay to indulge the mind

Yes, love the direct address adamantly stated "look!"  "...convincing the moon to rest the tides..." Somebody wake up astral_tides please...marvelous writing - Lady A