Dancing Along the Darkness


There's something unique about the darkest clouds...


They carry the most rain

sometimes unabashedly so

But they're the clouds that don't dissipate when pressure sets in

They contain the most depth, character, and beauty


Show me the stormy aftermaths of yesterday

All the twisted timber

All that limber lumber 

flicked away like toothpicks acting prickly

in a manner best described as the savage antithesis

of a docile slumber 


Unyielding in their power and determination
they out work ordinary, puffy counterparts
yet they maintain their magnificence
and grace under strain
possessing all the resonating curves
and stick-to-your-ribs fervor


So unapologetic, yet vulnerable to fronts
dark clouds master the majesty of illusion
so let the water drench the pores

and they'll make due in the deep end


There's no lotion required here...
save that burn cream for the sun children.


What I'd give to embrace a tangible darkness

by dancing in this rain


Author's Notes/Comments: 

2013 - edits 8.25.14 and 11.22.14


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Poetic_Eyes's picture

Love it.

Love your poem.

deepblue's picture

Much appreciated, thank you

Much appreciated, thank you :)

allets's picture

stick-to-your-ribs passion

This is masterful writing - unapologetic words these. Thanks for making my afternoon, DB - enchanted, Lady A



deepblue's picture

:) you've made my afternoon

:) you've made my afternoon too - thanks as always Allets