Release and Love Again


You don't stand again

because you're not broken

You stand again

because the city needs your light

and like an organic starfire

you absorb carbon pain

and exhale cosmic forces 

of love and good bones

for the vessels

on docile starflight



A bona fide delight 

with warrior's pride

I'd be lyin

if I said you never drove me insane

..and still completely wild


..and if you have

any fucking more

to give

..any love letters left within


then I'm in.

I'll leave all of what's left of my heart

on your doorstep

and hope it's enough

to let me in

and not just survive

but live!

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allets's picture

Nice Plea Poem

All cities "need your light" deepblue. Whatever is closed may it open. Best wishes - slc