As heroes and villains fade

the time to shine is apparent

the raw emotions of your character surface mightily onto the foreground

and the plastic head gear melts from the inferno within

longing for an organic avenue

destroying the flimsiest fake obstructions that

only a venue like Wal-Mart can offer in bulk for cheap


Insatiable by nature

the infinite curiosities and atrocities envelop the room

like the sweetest, sourest fog pumped in

by this crazy carousel known as living

and we're consumed by the vivid, aromatic elixir

encapsulated by the premises of glorious opportunity and optimal vitality

overstimulated, yet somehow patient

we sat in line at the deli stand until our number was called

aware of how it's time to request the goods through wisdom's hands



a stubborn determinant of nuanced inoculation

the electrical synapse that jolts the neurons

from the stationary to the involuntarily-active

knowledge can offer why

but wisdom bellows when,

and where,

and how

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What exactly do you want to

What exactly do you want to be smoking?

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life, and truth

life, and truth hah


(honestly nothing (anymore) in real life)


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Exceptional - slc



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thank you :) off to indulge

thank you :) off to indulge now, take care