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So much finger-pointing

the vitriol stings

spreads as disease

when such unconscionable prejudice breathes


Do we not all understand

knowledge is the root of all success

within our grasp?


All the bigotry, the elitism, sexism, racism

acts of blaming everybody but ourselves

are all the rage

since active mouths fill the front page

and getting 'yours'

or getting 'even'

before they get theirs

perpetuates a cutthroat ladder of pain

minimal gain of incremental mental wage

maximal moral disdain and cretinous fiber relay

a slime, a festering ooze seeping from the pores

who believe a better way

is defined by the differences between 'us' and 'they'


Don't believe the hype

don't enable needless strife

find the noble people in all walks of life

and unite

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you've hit the nail on the head. this has gone on for centuries, Christ talked about it, buddha talked about it, plato talked about it, karl marx talked about it, yet here we are. i personally think it's always going to be part of the human condition, and that maybe it's some sort of test to separate the wheat from the chaff. i will do my best not to go alond with status quo, to not lust after plastic sports cars and to not value possessions over my fellow man. most of my fellow man, however, doesn't know God in the same way i do and i can't really blame him for his desperate struggle to get what's "his."

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I am often spoken at and not to. Unity is defined by affiliation, blood, or money acquisition. Me-ism fades when basic needs are not available. Revolution starts with absence of stuff.



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Now pardon me as I build this

Now pardon me as I build this monolithic divide

Please smile deeply, and take agony in stride


Don't resist our methods or brace for attack, swords drawn, hilted

or we'll just recommend another pill

that'll mask the symptoms

and compound the problems

of the downtrodden ways of the jilted


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Knots, rope or twine,

rubber bans, twist-ties,

belts, glue, paste, stakes,

or ribbon, these are things

that bind.

All we need now 

is the humanistic

practice of these