The present day

the pinnacle of freshness

essence of genesis

absolute power of closure

awesomely intertwined

in the rope of



Men and women

as electrical fields

searching, with or without intent


wandering with reckless minds

expiring limbs, vessels

the ships sail through deserts

when currents lead us

to the promise of a new tomorrow




Youth mocks wiser eyes

Generations stack up rapidly

when routine reigns supreme

The stories of yesteryear

lent to the discretion of a grandson's ear

in hopes of the installations sinking clear

elder apps on this child's developing smartphone

Please provide me some purpose

and listen to these voicemails, kid


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I like.


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me too :)

me too :)

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The Now Works

Each one owns a cluster of conotations - love  gen-gap wisdom.

~allets ~



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Absolutely, I really love the

Absolutely, I really love the title/theme on this one because there's nearly an infinite number of directions I can take it depending on whatever topic I want to address in each 'stanza.'  I definitely intend to add more here with that consistent theme of the sheer impact the present presents ourselves on a daily basis..and how focusing on a 'now' mindset really can alter our thoughts/actions, or generation gaps, or whatever else.  Thank you for catching that allets :)