Make Your House A Home

When smiles light the room
and hands softly offer warmth
When integrity and compassion loom
and triumph perseveres decaying doom

When hope rises above uncertainty
When joy exceeds the pain
When the mind forgives a bruised heart
and legs endure hazardous terrain

When those aching feet cease to roam
may the memories standing at the door
bring the best out of you and yours
and make your house a home
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bishu's picture

Great post !!!!

memories standing at the door

make your house a home

Best wishes & Have a Happy Christmas



deepblue's picture

you as well bishu! thank you!

you as well bishu! thank you!

KindredSpirit's picture

I liked this

But it is sad to me now

In my life

( and I know in many more )

That something so simple

Is a Utopian Dream.


 one other thing.

You were on the same wavelength as I was

On the morning this came out.

I had written a little something before reading this.

deepblue's picture

forgive me if i read too much

forgive me if i read too much into your comment, but i believe i agree, no matter how complex and intricate our demands become for what life has to offer, it all comes back to yearning for a sense of belonging, and for validation from people you admire the most... a simple sense of worth in an ever-changing spectrum of expectations, past memories, and future experiences.  Even if you feel like you're living a 2/10 life (and i could make that argument, heh)'s on you to make that life the best 2/10 hopes of 3/10, or even a 10/10 someday

KindredSpirit's picture

There is so much more

That can be said on what might be considered

A simple subject.

It is such an emotional thing ( to me ).

Not everyone is the same

Though they claim to be  ( or not ).

Where I am now

Could never be a home.

My Home is gone.

That is a start on my opinion on this subject.

When it comes down to it

I like stability.

To tell the truth.

Your poem makes me sad.

Such a simple word.

Take care

And of what you have.


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A Tres Cool Write

"...the memories standing at the door..." marvelous place to stand indeed - home - slc



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thanks as always allets, glad

thanks as always allets, glad to hear from you again :)