Bad News

Feel the chill that rises up

From the bottom of his soul.

His heart so hurt it ran

Leaving nothing but a hole.

His tears are falling fast,

He can't seem to make them end.

Still he's waiting there for her

And he'll break before he'll bend.

It's been 2 days since she left

Without a note to say goodbye.

He doesn't deserve a second chance

But could swear she said she'd try.

He sits there hoping breathlessly

To hear his cellphone ring.

Each moment ticking by

Every second a painful sting.

And he'll remain right there forever

Screaming sorries in his head.

But his phone will never ring again

On the news there was a wreck...

She's dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Make sure the people you love know it, because sometimes you don't get a second chance.

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Essence Scott's picture

wow..i kinda did the same thing to about c of my friends in one day...i was being signed out of school...admittedly out of those friends 3 were in testing, 2 were in the auditorium, and about 6 were in the cafeteria...all split up...but i feel bad about leaving lee in the dark the most, because we were really close..and now i have to find him....

Sydney Helmers's picture

The 4am off the top of the head poems are the best.....I also know what its like to know that the phone will never ring again because that person is gone...Very powerful for a off the top of the head 4am poem