Last Call

The phone rings two feet away,

She's crying on the couch.

She wants to hear what he has to say

But she's got her doubts.

He tries again, and lets it ring.

Knowing that she's home.

All he gets is her machine

So he hangs up the phone.

He doesn't realize

He's breaking her heart.

She wants so bad to hear

The eager apologies

Holding back she doesn't realize,

His heart is breaking too.

The truth is he can't live

Without her being there for him.

But she'll never know

How much he cares.

Because this is the last call.

He won't try again and

Tomorrow she'll wish she'd

Picked up that stupid phone.

She'll wish she had back

What she was sure she never wanted.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is more of just a writing that a poem, but I like d the thought.

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Essence Scott's picture

so do i...interesting thought

Carolyn Theisen's picture

wow i like it for just a writing it sounds a lot like a poem to me nice job you should write more poems like this one