A mask

Stone cold turned eyes

Rest above an even colder smile

Not evil, yet heartless.

Remnants of what once was

Human and warm and good,

A soul.

Now no more than a shell

Barren and wasted

Drunk to hold out life

And pain.

Wish-less and twisted

Broken at every bend

Unable to feel

Happiness, hatred

All washed with acid

Burning and cutting

But outside nothing

A mask.

Never cracked or faltered

Hiding boundless suffers

Without fail.

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Aden Recreated's picture

I like this one a lot. It's kinda sad though.


Missy Miller's picture

I think I understood this, everyone wears a mask, trying to make themselves look perfect on the outside, but on the indside they are hurting jus like us. Kind of reminds me of the poem i wrote "The Crowd."