The dance




What if we were puppets dancing on a line?

A line that will brake at a given moment.

we will dance on the line until we are old enough to chooses are own path.

A path to fall or the path to land perfectly. 

As we dance on the line it will begin to sway becoming more difficult to dance and play.

With the wrong landing I will be sure to fall.

But what will happen will be up to me?

will I chooses to fall or will I keep dancing to this bitter sweet song.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have a choice to make whether or not its good or bad you choose it and you can't change it but you can make it better its your life, will you dance to the lifes song or will you miss that one step?

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Dancing On A String

Cool write, excellent metaphor - yeah, U choose, but divorce is unchoosing and death is the ultimate separator, so is prison, or being left for something "better". Dance poet dance on that string, just don't ever ever fall in. Ain't no fun, that fall - not bitter sweet crooning, screaming and howling and rending flesh that fall from love and matehood. - Just Bein' philsophical Stella 4 U today,





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Thank for you comment it means a lot.