Angelic Diablo

I know pain well, as I have for many years

I've also known joy; these memories remain

My emotions mix and mingle inside my tears

As my body begins to weaken from the strain

Those who've seen me have seen my torment

After you left with him I could not feel

I lost my life, my love; now my soul laments

Through the years my wounds have yet to heal

Suddenly, a force erupts from deep within

I feel a strength I've never known before

The internal chaos from my blessings and sin

Has released a being, known only through lore

I've been to heaven, and I've been to hell

I've known pure bliss and the deepest sorrow

Once suppressed, my dormant power begins to well

I am no angel or devil, I am the Angelic Diablo

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Wow! Great use of oxymorons and your feelings capture it well. Great poem. Keep it up.