Wanted to write something happy for once

I haven’t written in a while

I don’t tend to do so when I smile

I laugh all the time now

Crying? What’s that? I’ve forgotten how…

I sleep at night or in the day

I sleep where I choose - wherever I lay

Shed the bad and built the new

I’m no longer waiting for someone else to do

I understand culture, wisdom and heartbreak

I’ve learned experience and what life can take

I decided for change and better it be

I while ago I think because there’s difference in me

I’ve kept what’s close and held it dear

I will keep doing that – keeping it near

Continue the lessons I’m meant to learn

Whether they sing or whether they burn

I want to see everything I can

That holds value and is a part of the plan

Independence strong, will not to be broken

Friends say I’m beautiful and so well spoken

Things haven’t been perfect I suppose

Not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows

But it’s been so much better than before

I want to live so much more

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allets's picture

Nice Title

Happiness to you for 2019 :D