Strange Things

There 'it' goes across the road

A shadow in the dark

A blur in the headlights

What could it have been?

Here there be strange things...

Up a tree or in a cave

Did you see it flying?

Scaling up or digging down

Moving side to side

Or hanging from on high...

Here there be strange things...

Crawling or leaping forth

Odd figure hunched in the bush

Ambling like nothing seen before

A thing that should not be...

Here there be strange things...

Four legs, or maybe six?

Two eyes or four?

Screeching past or growling

Furry, spiny, maybe scales

With or without a whipping tail...

Here there be strange things...

Dare not stop to take a look

By its eyes reflecting

You could take one home with you

Its new home now nesting...

Here there be strange things...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Strange unidentifiable creatures have been spotted from time to time in the darkness of Devil's Canyon.

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Beatnik1979's picture

I’m up for it

I’ll have to look it up.

i dig it man....for sure.

this time of year brings my weird out.

im looking for somewhere to tour that is frightening.

im sure you can aid me with a recommendation.


well done on the poem