Satanic Serenades

Lucifer, Morning Star

Shining bright in the eastern sky!

Alight the night with thine hellfire

To spark the black flame of reason in the minds of men!

Thine emminence burns in My breast

An earthward bolt from the storm of revolution

By rolling thunder, speaks the liberator!

To ignite the blaze of evolution

As above, so below!

Show thy face, dark angel sublime

With sword and flame, heptagonal name

Broken, the chains of unreason!

Awakened, the dawn of a new season!

Lucifer, Morning Star, how thou hast risen!

In glorious fanfare, in tumultuous aplomb

To frame the throne of the Darkest God

By bliss and terror, beauty and pleasure

Thine visage appears as reflection divine!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the spirit of rebellion which leads to independence, and to mark this grand day of the rememberance of the liberation of United Satanic America by Our founding Devil-Fathers, is this ode to the first prideful rebel in the form of Lucifer, The Angel of Light and all He represents.

Hail Lucifer! Hail United Satanic America! Hail Satan!

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Starward's picture

Given the extreme difference in our theologies (although, oddly enough, both arise from the Judeo-Christian heritage), I will restrict my comments to the literary aspect only; and only to the poem itself. The Byronic tone is impressive, and the poem is not an over-reach to that at all (in the way that it would be toward the Miltonic). The Latinate title is also very Byronic, in that it emphasizes the aspect of light over darkness, which makes it way into the poem further on. I came to the poem after having done some Milton research recently, and so what I expected was not, to say the least, what I found. Although I canot recommend the poem's content (or, would it be more appropriate to say, discontent), I can acknowledge the deployment of an appropriate strategy within the mechanism of the poem.


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