Angel Lust

Angel Lust, cold and dark

There you lay, in the park

What were your... last thoughts? leave such a mark...

Facing the sky

On the day you died

You left a sight

A tribute to life

Will anyone touch you now?

Angel Lust, moist or dry

Stiffened flesh, staring eyes

Beneath the waves, in the brine

Or hanging on the end of a rope...

The waves of doom

Have taken you

The waves of Lust

Grant one final desire...

A last embrace

In the arms of Death

Azrael's face

Takes your breath...

The gloomlight shines

Within your mind

And now the tolling of the bell...

Angel Lust, demon thrust

Cold inside.........

Angel Lust, two as one

Fire and Ice.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Sometimes if males die traumatically, they will develop penile erections and occasionally ejaculate during the final throes of death. A male corpse with a semi or fully erect penis is called "Angel Lust", a slang term used by doctors, nurses, medical examiners, and morticians." - Ogrish

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Ashlee Thais's picture

hello, my name is ashlee. I think your poems are very emotional and deep...and most certainly...dark. I am fond of your writing. I like this poem, and also, the others. I would very much like it if you visited my poems site. I may be slightly young, but I do think my poems just might appeal to you at least in one simple way. You are very talented.