Black Sun

Satanic Serenades

Black Sun Hellemental...

Sphere of darkened fane

Welcomes night to the day

The solstice meets thy face

Constellation's grace

Belies thy fearsome symmetry

Six by three in trinity...

Black Sun lumanescent...

Nine aglow in thine fetters

Sorath awakened through the void

Dragon shifts by shadow star

Fathoms reaching forth...

Black Sun turns...

The heavens burn

The obelisk enflamed

The shadow glows

The serpent flows

The Devil's mark upon the flesh

Ignites the inner flame...

Black Sun revolution

Diurnal retroversion

Nocturnal evolution

Blindlight disillusion...

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spacecowboy's picture

im getting the feel that you might be satanist, but i wont hold that against u. A fiery poem, with a very dark style. Keep writing, while i keep reading ur morbid poems. Another Edgar Allan Poe on his way!, dude try to get ur stuff published, its very different.

Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

awesome... great stuff. Beautiful *though I'm sure most others may not agree haha*