Satanic Serenades

Cool mist settles on glistening waves

Sea serpents romp with dolphins

Thrust the air, splashing down

Blending in with the sea

Can you see what I see?

Life's blood of Mother Earth

Her veins of river flow

Cappilaries of streams & brooks

Can the mortals ever deem to know?

              Microcosm, Macrocosm, Torrents & streams

              Flowing thru You, flowing thru Me

              Awash in rain, showers to drizzle

              Lulling dreams of graceful sight

              To set aright, to bestow might

              Creatures of water afloat in the air

              Spinning slowly, a peaceful smile

              Blues & greens & transluscent crystal

              Shimmering eternally through day & night

              Moon arise to pull the tides

              Send to crash on rock & land

              Dimmer, dimmer, glimmer, glimmer

              I see the reflection in your eyes.....

              Two streams cascade on pebble & sand

              Closer & closer to feed the land

              Fresh, anew, race with grace

              Unto the fork of veins will join

              Splash, artful union tide

              Upon the other, yield the side

              Flow as one, again as before

              Grotto form unto one door

              From stream to river, anointed pace

              Into the sea return as jade

              Diamond, opal, emerald, ruby

              Sweet Belial cast thy face

              Leviathan, sacred, loving swirl

              Lucifer, softly touch Our face

              Satan burns, preserve the Grace.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Coalescent with "Visions From Leviathan's Grotto", this piece is a highly metaphorical & descriptive opus focusing on The Dark Force in Nature collectively known as Satan, & is also a statement of the passions of Love & Lust.

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